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Management for Human Health

Lack of medical facilities in the city and demand for providing human resource healthcare services led to establishment of Healthcare Department of Razi Institute in 1940. The first manager was Dr. Mahmoud Sharifi and followed by Dr. Mohammad Reza Rafiee, Dr. Ghodsieh Jamali, Dr. Gholamhossein Sabiri, Dr. Mashallah Mohammadi, Dr. Ghasem Nikzad, Dr. Esmaeel Salehi and Dr. Saeedeh Forghani. Presently, Dr. Fariba Sadeghi Fazel is maintaining position. In addition to conducting health, safety and environment services, this department is conducting Periodic Medical Examination (PME) and issuing health certificates.

The importance of human resources healthcare and appropriate work environment is directly mentioned in the guidelines of GMP for qualitative production of biological products, thus monitoring the staff health issues and suitable work environment is of importance to this management .

Considering different aspects of employees’ healthcare services and the importance of pollution prevention in the workplace environment; implementation of health and safety plans for employees and the environment is necessary to be carried out with sufficient authority, which has been done at Razi Institute over many years by a specific organization with a variety of titles.

By Commitment to quality standards and GMP requirements at Razi Institute since late 1990s, the department’s title changed to Human Health Management, it has been serving clinical health issues since then.

By monitoring the employees’ health condition, work environment and doing clinical trials to confirm the efficacy and safety of the products, this Management aims to maintain and improve health programs.

 Mission of Human Health Management :
- Pollutant control and protection of the workplace environment and employees health,
-Controling and monitoring employee health, measuring and controling workplace pollutants and risk factors for work and work-related accidents,
-Design, implementation and supervision of clinical trials of Razi Institute's products.

 Scope of Activities    
-Making health record for employees
-Carrying out the staff's PME
-Issuing Health Certificate
-Vaccination of employees at occupational risk
-Control and monitoring occupational accidents
-Emergency medical practices 
-Identification, monitoring and controlling workplace risk factors and pollutants
- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply considerations
-Solid, liquid waste and liquid effluents management
-Monitoring drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene
-Supervising in food preparation and hygiene products
-Control of Insects and rodents 
-Control and monitoring of environmental pollutants
-Laboratory Biosecurity and Biosafety 
- Sustainable green space management 
- Implementation of clinical trials of Razi institute’s new products
- Supervision of studies on distributed products
-Chairing the Medical Ethics Committee
-Preparation of health regulations
-Training employees on workplace health and safety issues

Offices under Management for Occupational Safety & Health
--Laboratory Biosecurity and Biosafety
-- Solid and Liquid Waste Management
--Water Engineering 
--Cleaning and Coating
-- Insect and Rodent Control
--Control and Monitoring of Environmental Pollutants 
--Green Spaces 
--Safety and Hygene of Food and Razi Restaurant

PME and Health Services  
-- Periodical Medical Checks
-- Medical Emergency 
--Medical Services
-- Medical Records
-- Counseling 

Occupational Health Engineering 
--Occupational Accidents
--Professional Healthcare 
--Safety and Workplace Environment Monitoring
-- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Clinical Trials and Medical Ethics
-Clinical and Epidemiological Studies
-Customer Satisfaction Studies
-Ethical Considerations in Animal Experiments
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