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Mission and Vision            

In 2015, Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute Publication was officially established and licensed by Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance under the license number 12464. Mission of this publication is to focus on research and accelerating the publication of studies in the field of vaccines, sera, veterinary biological products and related sciences as well as exchanging research achievements and studies with other researchers.
Due to scientific activities expansion in the institute and its branches, Publication Council of Razi Institute was formed to improve qualitative and quantitative publication level.


1.    Determining the priorities, scientific issues and relevant publication programs in accordance with the policies of Publications Council
2.    Approval of  compilation, edition and translation order of required scientific works 
3.     Acceptance or rejection of proposed work for publishing
4.    Appointment of a referee and scientific editor for  acceptance of the submitted work
5.    Proposing to edit the accepted work 
6.    Proposing a contract between publisher and owner of the work
7.     Reviewing and commenting on the numbers and the discontinuation of the approved work
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