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Specialized libraries are considered as one of the major types of libraries in the world. Many specialized libraries are identified by the space they own, the services they provide, the number of readers who use library resources and future plans and tasks that the library is responsible for.
The books are specialized by a particular subject. Researchers commonly refer to the resources of the library concerning the problems they face working on their research project.
These libraries are formed within the framework of institutes, research centers, governmental organizations, national industries, research associations, educational institutes, professional associations, industrial and commercial companies. They do not require specific plans and structures or separate buildings.
Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute located in Hesarak, Karaj, 48 km west of Tehran is one of the oldest research centers in the country.
In 1924 Dr. Delpi a scientist from France, entered Razi Institute with a suitcase full of books. The books developed to a library which was established in 1930 and was officially recognized as a specialized library in 1937. In 1944, his wife Ms. Badie Ali Abadi who was fluent in French language was appointed to be the first librarian and had been collecting periodicals and books until 1946. One of the most important achievements when she was in charge of the library was sorting and sending publications to  Mr. Friedrich Lancremo binding shop, which was proposed by Dr. Delpi.
Since 1946 Dr. Gustavo Burri officially began his career at the library. At that time, the staff of the library were Dr. Gustavo Burri and Dr. Zaman Khan Shahbazi and then
in 1964, Dr. Parviz Nazari started working in the library. One of the most important achievements of him was establishing Exchange (s) in the library.
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